Hi everyone, I'm an exploration geologist, recently moved back to London after ten years in Perth, WA, working in the exploration sector.

I've had a diverse start to my career, working with junior explorers through to large producers in various commodities, and the last three years I spent working with Iluka Resources in the Mineral Sands industry.

As a geologist, I'm definitely a jack of all trades, hence why I love the diversity of exploration. One strength and passion of mine is in the field of stakeholder relations, specifically with Native Title groups, local communities, and landowners in early-stage exploration. As the first pair of boots on the ground and in the communities where exploration and potentially mining will take place, I think it's so important to form strong, respectful, and honest relationships right from the start, and to make sure their voices are heard.

I also love the technical aspects of the job, working off the beaten track and getting to know and understand the geology of an area. The experiences I’ve had so far have been awesome and I'm looking forward to continuing my career on this side of the equator, getting stuck into some exploration, and building a network here in London.