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Operations & maintenance
Operations & maintenance

Emerging technologies mean new ways of working. This topic covers everything you need to know about maintaining, optimising and evolving your operations.

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The case for Open Innovation in mining

Exxaro’s Elaine Hattingh and COOi Studios’ Sandiso Sibisi co-presented on Open Innovation on the Mining 2050 stage at INDABA, South Africa, on May 11th 2022. They examined several case studies of how open innovation has benefited mining organisations.

Why are oil and gas operators hesitant about deploying robotics?

Oil and gas companies are refraining from deploying robotics. But does this mean operators are missing opportunities? Axora asked Mike Currie, Vice President of Marketing and RevOps at Gecko Robotics.
Sasha SuzdalevaAdmin
Community Marketing Manager
Our Innovation Director Joe Carr recently asked a question in the metals and mining group based on Anglo American planning to spend $500m to ÂŁ$1bn to improve water supplies in their operations.

Do you think it’ll cost more? Is water shortage a concern in mining operations?

Let us know what you think by commenting below or joining our metals and mining group:

AI system to increase mill throughput

The AI solution applies advanced machine learning technology to sensor data, allowing you to optimise the mill throughput and reduce system downtime.