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Machine learning
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David Corthorn
Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder | 2DA Analytics
Good morning everyone. I stumbled across Axora on LinkedIn. My name is David Corthorn, based in London and I'm a co-founder at 2DA. As Product Lead, I'm responsible for BAYZYEN - the world's first cloud-native supply chain orchestration app built specifically for hydrocarbons.
Sasha SuzdalevaAdmin
Community Marketing Manager
Innovation Recap As 2021 comes to a close, so does this series of the Innovation Digest. To cap things off, host Joe Carr sits down with Axora Account Director Mark Fraser to go over his biggest takeaways from the series. Together, Joe and Mark discuss the strides that metals and mining made this year and reflect on the permanent changes that COVID has brought to the industry. From there, they look forward and predict the major trends that will shape technology adoption in the sector for years to come. Listen below and follow the “Innovation Forecast Metals and Mining” topic... (More)
Sasha SuzdalevaAdmin
Community Marketing Manager

COP 26: Can AI decarbonise mining?

We’ll be joined by AI and advanced analytics experts from Vale, Minerva Intelligence, and Antofagasta as they discuss just that during the Axora community panel discussion.

Tune in today, the 14th of December, at 08.00 PT | 11.00 ET | 16.00 GMT and learn how AI can optimise deposit discovery, plant design software, supply chains, and more, all in an effort to decarbonise the mining industry.

Register here (if you haven't already!) to secure one of the remaining spots, and join Anglo American, McEwen Mining, and many others already registered.

P.S. The panel will have a live... (More)