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Innovation Forecast: Metals & Mining
Innovation Forecast: Metals & Mining

Has digital innovation in metals and mining moved fast enough in 2021?

As the metals and mining industry gears up for its next super cycle, industry professionals share their digital transformation plans and outline why technology is essential amidst uncertainty and unpredictability.

Watch this space for our next report covering 2022/23 key metals and mining trends coming in July 2022. 

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Great example of the CO2 emissions for Nickel. Does anyone have a comparable cost curve for producers? Would be really interesting to compare
Sasha SuzdalevaAdmin
Community Marketing Manager
Innovation Recap As 2021 comes to a close, so does this series of the Innovation Digest. To cap things off, host Joe Carr sits down with Axora Account Director Mark Fraser to go over his biggest takeaways from the series. Together, Joe and Mark discuss the strides that metals and mining made this year and reflect on the permanent changes that COVID has brought to the industry. From there, they look forward and predict the major trends that will shape technology adoption in the sector for years to come. Listen below and follow the “Innovation Forecast Metals and Mining” topic... (More)
Sasha SuzdalevaAdmin
Community Marketing Manager
Tomorrow’s mines today Artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics all offer significant benefits to metals and mining companies in the medium-term. So how will each of these technologies contribute to the digital mines of the future? Andrew Scott, Executive Chairman at Queensland Robotics, joins Innovation Digest host Joe Carr to explain how significant changes are already underway within the industry. Joe and Andrew discuss how COVID-19 has accelerated digitalisation, how machine learning will provide maintenance benefits no matter the fleet size, and why AI is essential to staying competitive. Plus, find out why diversity of thought is so crucial to... (More)

The Axora Innovation Forecast 2021: Metals & Mining

The industry is gearing up for its next super cycle. Are you prepared? Check out our Innovation Forecast report for metals and mining, featuring data gathered from more than 150 industry leaders worldwide