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This topic is all about exploration, from targeting to drilling and so much more.

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Sasha SuzdalevaAdmin
Community Marketing Manager
Future of Mining, 28-29 March 2022, Sydney

An event spanning over two days with over 400 senior mining industry executives and attendees from across the mining ecosystem. Speakers will be discussing important industry topics such as zero emission and zero entry roadmaps, achieving operational excellence with AI, exploration and the supply of critical minerals and empowering women in mining.

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PDAC, 13-15 June 2022, Toronto

This convention is for people, governments, companies and organisations connected to mineral exploration. Participants are also able to attend courses and networking events.

For those who can’t make the in-person event, there is an online one 28-29 June.
Sasha SuzdalevaAdmin
Community Marketing Manager
ALTA, 20-27 May 2022, Perth

ALTA 2022 is an annual metallurgical conference, now in its 26th year. 2022 programme topics:

- Nickel-Cobalt-Copper (22-24 May) including Pressure Acid Leaching forum & panel
- Uranium-Rare Earths (25 May) including Rare Earth Process Development forum & panel
- Gold-PM (25 May) including Refractory & Complex Gold Ores forum & panel
- In-Situ Recovery (ISR) (26 May) including Enhancing ISR Permeability forum & panel
- Lithium & Battery Technology (26 May) including Developments in Battery Technology forum & panel
Sasha SuzdalevaAdmin
Community Marketing Manager
Raw Materials Summit, 23-25 May 2022, Berlin

This event provides a holistic view of the raw materials ecosystem in the EU and beyond. Bringing together representatives from industry, policymakers, academia, investors and civil society from across Europe and further afield.

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