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Sasha SuzdalevaAdmin
Community Marketing Manager
Which industry events will you be attending this year?

You might have seen our global mining events calendar, or even be part of the group. Use the space to find key information on upcoming conferences, or if you’re going to one that’s not on there, drop a link and to see who else might be going.

Have been at the Future of Mining event in Sydney over the past couple of days. A very strong event - good attendance and some very good presentations. First event for most people in 2 years and good to get out from behind a screen. The focus as you would expect was very much on ESG, safety and efficiency and the opportunities that new technologies give miners to make safer zero entry (no people underground) mines, and the numerous positive side effects for efficiency, energy use and recruitment. Also a lot of chat around emissions and the recognition that scope... (More)

Sasha SuzdalevaAdmin
Community Marketing Manager
Missed previous events or want to rewatch?

From our launch event with F1 Executive Mark Gallagher, to our most recent panel in collaboration with YMP, by joining the metals and mining group you’ll have access to past recordings and be able to join discussions.

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