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Why are oil and gas operators hesitant about deploying robotics?

Oil and gas companies are refraining from deploying robotics. But does this mean operators are missing opportunities? Axora asked Mike Currie, Vice President of Marketing and RevOps at Gecko Robotics.

How ESG is driving the growth of remote operation centres in metals and mining

ROCs are becoming the MVPs of many mining companies. So why now, and what do investors have to do with this shift? Former Rio Tinto Head of Innovation John McGagh explains in our latest Insights article.

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Driving innovation: lessons from the launch of the pioneering Axora Community

The Axora Community has officially gone live to the public! Thanks to everyone who made it to the Gherkin – in person or virtually – for the launch event. To celebrate, here are a few key insights from Formula 1 executive Mark Gallagher’s keynote speech