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Data management
Data management

Whether you're collecting it, analysing it, or securing it, this topic is all about putting data to work in your company.

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Sasha SuzdalevaAdmin
Community Marketing Manager
How does your company innovate? Why is there a large gap between strategy and execution of digital strategies in the metals and mining industries?

These are only some of the questions that have recently been asked. Why not try creating a poll and find out what others think.
Beneficiation of Phosphates IX, 5-10 June, Helsinki

This conference covers all things to do with phosphate mining, with a specific focus on how waste in the mining process is becoming a significant financial and environmental problem. Other topics discussed include flotation efficiency and on-line analysis.
Physical Separation, 9-11 May, Online

There's no mining operation in the world which doesn't make use of the density differences between solids and liquids somewhere in the flowsheet. This conference focuses on how mining operations can approach the need to reduce energy and water consumption.
Mines and Money Connect, 4-5 May, London

Mines and Money Connect will bring together investors and mining corporates to connect, learn and conduct business with each other. Combining the advantages of a relevant agenda with a packed meeting and networking arena this event attracts qualified institutional and professional investors actively looking to find investment partners.