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Cost savings
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Beneficiation of Phosphates IX, 5-10 June, Helsinki

This conference covers all things to do with phosphate mining, with a specific focus on how waste in the mining process is becoming a significant financial and environmental problem. Other topics discussed include flotation efficiency and on-line analysis.
Physical Separation, 9-11 May, Online

There's no mining operation in the world which doesn't make use of the density differences between solids and liquids somewhere in the flowsheet. This conference focuses on how mining operations can approach the need to reduce energy and water consumption.
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We’re celebrating our 500+ fully signed up community member milestone 🎉

2022’s had an energetic start for this community, from hosting our exclusive Founding Member roundtables, to partnering with the fantastic YMP on an in-person networking drinks and panel. All underpinned by curated content, questions and discussions by our community members.

During all this the community has grown, and we’d like to thank our first 500+ fully signed-up community members for their participation.

Reduce fuel costs by delivering clean fuel to mining vehicles

With up to 30,000 continuous hours of life, this in-tank fit-and-forget technology protects against fuel contamination to extend the life cycle of your engines.