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Corporate support
Corporate support

From digitalisation to project management, this topic has everything you need to know about back-office and corporate technology.

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Community Marketing Manager
Building to blockchain From sourcing gold to authenticating diamonds, the blockchain is already helping metals and mining manage its supply chains. So how will it continue to change the industry? Tanya Matveeva, Director and Geologist at KAMNI Chain and one of our founding members, sits down with Innovation Digest host Joe Carr to talk through the major players and use cases of blockchain in metals and mining. Plus, what are the safety applications of decentralised networks and what can the industry do to harness the power of the blockchain for itself? Listen below to find out, and follow the “Innovation... (More)

Is IT infrastructure holding back mining and metals’ digital transformation efforts?

As metals and mining companies put more into digital transformation, will a lack of IT infrastructure hold them back? We spoke to our Mining Innovation Director Joe Carr to find out.

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