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This group is the home for key industry news and digital solutions for the energy and metals and mining sectors. Follow this group to stay up to date on latest solutions. Please note this group is public, so all posts, comments and questions will be visible to all community members and the public.

Ritz liked 9 days ago

Accurate, sub 60-second health checks in mining shift changes

Robert liked 2 months ago

AI-based predictive maintenance to cut preventable downtime

Reclaim preventable downtime with AI-based predictive maintenance, and achieve over 20% higher asset utilisation in under three months.
Sasha liked 6 days ago
Axora content

Satellite data analytics solution for risk detection via geospatial analysis

Sasha liked a reply 3 months ago

AI system to increase mill throughput

The AI solution applies advanced machine learning technology to sensor data, allowing you to optimise the mill throughput and reduce system downtime.