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Introduce yourself
Introduce yourself
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Use this group to introduce yourself. Share your key areas of expertise (and interest!), and what you’re most excited to learn about from the community. Scroll down to see who else is here, and what other members are interested in.

Otto liked 5 days ago
Sarah Cannon
Senior PR & Content Manager
Hello Axora Community. It's lovely to be here in my new role as Senior PR & Content Manager at Axora. I'm excited to be part of this space and to engage in conversations on all things mining. Let's keep the... (More)
Sasha commented 10 days ago
i am a gold miner in Zimbabwe so need to learn the mining skills abd rock changings
Nick liked a month ago
Emmanuel Longo
Founder, South Sudan Climate Change Network.
I am the founder and Executive Director of a not-for-profit organization called South Sudan Climate Change Network (SSCCN). It is a network-based association of so far 62 associations comprising of international, national, and community-based organizations. We focus on climate change... (More)
Wubegzier commented 3 months ago
Dear AXORA community, Greeting from Ethiopia. I am wubegzier (WUBE) , a geologist and mineral resource researcher working in exploration , mining and processing of different metals (Ta, Ni, Au, Li, Mn, Co, Fe) and other critical minerals. My interest... (More)