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Introduce yourself
Introduce yourself
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Use this group to introduce yourself. Share your key areas of expertise (and interest!), and what you’re most excited to learn about from the community. Scroll down to see who else is here, and what other members are interested in.

Matthew liked 3 days ago
Hi all, good to meet you. I'm Julian Thompson, another Senior Product Manager at Axora, focussed mainly on all Platform related aspects.

I look forward to interacting with you all, and will keep you up to date on all new things that we are doing on our Platform as they start to roll out. Watch this space!

I also look forward to any ideas you might have on things that will improve or enhance your experience interacting with Axora and other Community members.
James followed 3 days ago
Ally Gale
Senior Product Manager
Hi, and good to meet you all. I'm Ally and I'm a Senior Product Manager here at Axora, focusing on our main website and the Community.

We're constantly working to release exciting new features as well as learn and improve things, but the best guidance we have is from actual user feedback - so please do get in touch with any ideas you have on features you'd like to see, any questions, or just general feedback - we'd love to hear from you!
Sasha liked 14 days ago
Megan Finkelde
Global Marketing Manager VROC
Hi, I'm Megan. I work for VROC.AI a no-code AI platform which is built for engineers and operators.

I'm really interested to learn how people in this community are using their data, the innovations they are applying and benefits they are experiencing.

Feel free to connect:
Sasha liked a month ago
Preston Miller
Lead, Business Improvement, Base Metals
Hi! I'm Preston. I'm the lead for BI (Business Improvement) for Teck's Base Metals Business Unit. I am also a generally heavy dabbler in the technology & innovation field.

I learn from hands-on and love it!

Most of my focus as of now involves:
1. Drones and IoT data integration using cloud infrastructure
2. XR (AR&VR) application development for novel use cases in H&S, Maintenance, and Training
3. Advanced (predictive) Analytics

The latest interesting thing I can share is co-authorship of a paper on ML in H&S:

Feel free to add me on LinkedIn: